Letters home, first

Dear Lady,

I write to you with news from Brevoy. I will be brief as to not take up too much of your precious time, but I feel that current events warrant the time to bring them to your attention.
I have been mingling with the local nobles here and it’s been going well, though rather boring at times. Things changed a few weeks ago however when Lord Medvyed decided to claim the lands south of his city, and requested volunteers for this campaign. So I made it known, subtely, that I would be interested in joining such a venture. So not much later I was approached by him and was asked to join, which i of course gracefully accepted.
The rest of the group consists of another few nobles…though apparently they give the noble title to every bum or peasant here…and some local ruffians. I guess not many really worthy people saw profit in this venture. But I do. The chance to carve a part of this land out for myself, and as such for your greater glory? Let Medvyed think I do this for him.

So I’ve quickly taken matters in my own hands and under my capable leadership things have gone quite well so far. We’ve taken up residence in a local tradingpost, which has a good strategic placing to scout out the surrounding lands. They have been harrassed by a local gang of bandits though for the past times, and the first day we were there, some of these bandits showed up. I dealt with them swiftly. One has joined us, the other two I had hanged to make an example.

After wards we went into the wilds to do some chores for the locals…tedious work but it gives a change to explore the surrounding lands and get some goodwill from the locals, which will come in handy. To be short, we destroyed a local Mite infestation, located a silver mine, and forged an alliance with a local group of kobolds, the sootscale tribe. they’re a superstitious lot, which will come in handy later on.

I will send you more relevant information when I have it.

your faithfull servant

Lady Ulrika

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