Tymon Basara

An woodsman among ex-cons and nobles. ;)


Tymon Basara & Anarya
Changeling; infiltrator/skirmisher/Skystalker – Ranger (no spells)

Ranged non-spellcasting hippogrif-rider with an outdoors-skillset with a link to a noble family that he knows nothing about.

(Character name is slavic/serbian to fit with Brevoy flavour)
(Anarya, elven for ‘sunny day’)


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[First Draft of Background]

Tymon was raised by his grandfather, a retired ranger, after his mother and father one day mysteriously vanished. His grand father told him they went of to do things that needed to be done and he should not take it personally and to move on with his live. He was taught to live of the land and once in a while steal a sheep or a cow from the surrounding villages. One day a few men came to see his grandfather, asking him to watch over a stolen carriage for 2 months. On top of the carriage was a steel cage with a strange young creature inside wich was shot by an arrow. As the weeks past by Tymon and the strange creature grew closer. His grandfather noticed and at first he discouraged his grandson from interacting with the creature beyond feeding and grooming. As the bond between Tymon and the creature grew, his grandfather too was reminded of a bond he made long ago. His grandfather began instructing Tymon in to properly take care of the creature he said was a hippogriff. After 7 months a wounded man showed up, it was one of the men that came so many months ago. He told the grandfather to patch him up and to get rid of the carriage and the creature.
apparently the bandits tried to sell the creature but the one they stole it from was a few steps ahead of them and put out a bounty. Even the bandits friends turned on them hoping to get the reward and the hippogriff. The first reaction of tymon’s grandfather was to agree, the creature would bring unwanted attention to them. As Tymon’s grandfather approached the cage Tymon lunged at his grandfather. As they tussled over the ground Anarya as Tymon called the hippogriff began crashing into the cagedoor. Eventually both men lay panting on the floor, his grandfather spoke “I’m sorry Tymon, forgive me. Fear and loss has gripped my mind aswel as my heart.” His grandfather stood up and throw his knife at the wounded bandit, killing him.
Realising the wounded bandit might have left a trail, The grandfather instructed Tymon to take Anarya to the mountains in the morning. As they started to prepare at dawn, horseriders approached fast, Instructing Tymon to get Anarya to fly the first arrows landed near his grandfather. Pulling his sword, the grandfather mounted his workhorse and yelled to tymon to leave. Charging the riders head on Tymon fled with Anarya as he looked back he saw his grandfather being hit by an arrow. His grandfather yelled “Endurance overcomes all”…

Tymon Basara

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